Established in 2009, the Neighborhood Pharmacy of Del Ray is a locally owned, truly independent pharmacy in Alexandria, Va.

We want to replace long waits at the pharmacy counter and unreliable, impersonal service with a truly professional pharmacy that knows you and your medications. We care about our patients, and we want to be your neighborhood pharmacy.

Neighborhood Services

As an independent pharmacy, we work with the community and the people in it to give you the best service possible. Stop in and visit us to experience the Neighborhood Pharmacy difference for yourself.

Free Delivery

From our store to your door, delivering FREE in the zip codes of 22301, 22305, 22314 and 22302.

Pet Meds

Offering custom pet-friendly compounding and customized medications for your furry, four-legged friends.

Compounding & Medication Flavoring

Let us customize your medications to meet your individual needs.

Testimonial 9

A great place. For the life of me I can’t think of any reason to get my meds anywhere else. Friendly, prompt professional service with a smile. Compare that to being ‘next in line!’ at the big box.

- Lee N.

Testimonial 8

Instead of issuing a cryptic message by robocall, Stacey greets you by name and asks if you’ve remembered to take your monthly medicine. How wonderful is that?

- Annette L.

Testimonial 7

Wow! This is not just nice because it’s a local neighborhood pharmacy but a fantastic pharmacy overall. Could not have been more helpful, fast or efficent in transfering out of state prescriptions. If I can help it I’ll never use a big chain pharmacy again!

- Beat B.

Testimonial 6

Remember main street pharmacies? Well, this is it. Right in the heart of Del Ray, The Neighborhood Pharmacy has my welcome and my business. And Alexandria needs alternatives to large Rx chains with rotating pharmacists! And every time I enter the door, Stacey says hello and is always helpful. Most recently when my doctor needed to release me from a hospital stay, they called Stacey and worked through all my medications. When I got to the pharmacy, all but two that were hard to fill – were ready to go. And those, they actually faxed my needs to CVS. Bottom line: Not going to trust my health anywhere else! You shouldn’t either!

- Peter M.

Testimonial 5

Only positive things to say about the consistent friendly personal attention and professional service I experience at The Neighborhood Pharmacy. I try to use them as often as I can instead of the big-box chains pharmacies/convenience stores. So happy they are in my neighborhood!

Thrilled to have a locally owned, ‘old-fashioned’ like drugstore in my neighborhood. It is walkable or they even deliver. Great personable service. No Lines! They even sent a thank you card to me after my initial visit to fill a prescription a few months ago.

- Angela G.

testimonial 4

When The Neighborhood Pharmacy was getting ready to open, the first thing I thought was, ‘We don’t need a pharmacy on the avenue! The CVS is right down the street!’ Boy, was I wrong! It’s the 1960’s all over again, only much, much better. Now there are computers to keep track of all the info needed with today’s medicine. They still know you by name. And they let you bring your dog in and give her treats! Just like my candy as a kid! Stacey and her staff are so personable and knowledgeable that it makes you think you really have gone back in time. I am so glad to have this pharmacy here on the avenue. It just gives me a sense of peace and happiness whenever I go inside. No wonder they won the coveted ‘Heart of Del Ray’ award. They make it easy. You’ll never, EVER want to go to a chain drugstore again!!

- Kelly E.

testimonial 3

Just started using the pharmacy and it’s fabulous. Stacey is a gem. Nothing like walking in and having them know who you are the moment you enter the store.

Transferring over more than a dozen prescriptions was a piece of cake!

- Maria L.

testimonial 1

I was wondering whether I needed a certain item and Stacey looked up the main ingredients to help find a cheaper, over the counter product instead. I was sold. How many pharmacists give you such attention…

They provide one on one service that is quite rare these days … and well appreciated.

- Sue, Virginia Ave

testimonial 2

On Monday when it was snowing/raining, I needed to drop off prescriptions for antibiotics for my 3-year-old and 1 year old, both in the car with me. I called and explained my desire to not drag both girls inside. A staffer met me outside to drop off the scripts, and 20 minutes later, a staffer stood outside in the snow next to my car and watched my girls while I ran inside to pay. To me that’s excellent service, and just another example of how caring they are. HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Neighborhood pharmacy of Del Ray!

- Lauren, Tennessee Avenue

Find Us

Neighborhood Pharmacy is located in the Del Ray section of Alexandria at the intersection of Mount Vernon Ave. and Custis Ave.