When The Neighborhood Pharmacy was getting ready to open, the first thing I thought was, ‘We don’t need a pharmacy on the avenue! The CVS is right down the street!’ Boy, was I wrong! It’s the 1960’s all over again, only much, much better. Now there are computers to keep track of all the info needed with today’s medicine. They still know you by name. And they let you bring your dog in and give her treats! Just like my candy as a kid! Stacey and her staff are so personable and knowledgeable that it makes you think you really have gone back in time. I am so glad to have this pharmacy here on the avenue. It just gives me a sense of peace and happiness whenever I go inside. No wonder they won the coveted ‘Heart of Del Ray’ award. They make it easy. You’ll never, EVER want to go to a chain drugstore again!!

- Kelly E.