Why Choose Us

Co-owned by Alexandria residents, Barbara Hayward and Stacey Swartz, the Neighborhood Pharmacy of Del Ray is located in the heart of Del Ray. Their desire to create a community pharmacy in Del Ray was born from seeing how independent pharmacies across the nation can best serve communities and ultimately improve health care. Their hope is to provide patients with personalized health care that fits their individual needs.

Stacey Swartz has been practicing pharmacy since earning her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. She has worked in hospital, mail order and the FDA, but her true love is working as a pharmacist in the community. Before opening Neighborhood Pharmacy Stacey worked for several years at the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), representing independent community pharmacies. While she was with NCPA Stacey worked Barbara and they decided to open the Neighborhood Pharmacy. Stacey lives in Del Ray with her rescue dog, Albie

Barbara Hayward, retired from the National Community Pharmacists Association to work in the pharmacy in May of 2018. While working with Stacey at NCPA, Barbara encouraged her to open the pharmacy and joined her as co-owner. She manages the products in the front of the store and enjoys crafting the Neighborhood Apothecary product line with our therapeutic grade essential oils. A lifelong animal lover, Barbara loves to make sure the pharmacy serves not only people, but their pets as well, with an expanded selection of pet medications, products and even flavoring for pet medications to make them more palatable. Barbara and her pups George, Janie and Dart live just down the road in Mt. Vernon.